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Don't judge a book by its cover? Au contraire! These days, it's all about how you look. Is your brand ready for the spotlight?

We recommend scheduling a free consult call to speak with an Aveya team member about your website vision.  

Website Creation with us involves:
- Three 1-hour discussions on brand personality, vision and desired design elements via phone or video chat (kick-off, in-progress, wrap-up)
Research and selection of template for responsive, mobile-friendly site*
- Wireframing
- Establish look and feel of website using Client's current brand-specific colors, fonts and visual elements**
- Branded "Coming Soon" landing page on Client's url* while the site is being developed
- Organizing and formatting site for consistency/fluidity
- Optimized copyediting
- One round of revisions (minor modifications only, not a complete overhaul) 
- One 1-hr training to learn how to implement updates on your own

- Cost breakdown: initial setup fee of $1000 plus $750 per page includes content placement**
- Timeline to completion, assuming timely feedback from Client: 3-4 weeks for under 10 pages | 6-7 weeks for 15-20 pages

* Assuming use of Wordpress, SquareSpace or Shopify. Please use our proposal form for custom web development requests. Client is responsible for website management fees such as domain registration, hosting, CMS, email accounts, plug-ins, etc. If e-commerce applies, individual inventory listings would be considered add-ons outside of this scope.
** Images for the site, including stock photos and icons, shall be provided by Client and/or sourced by Agency. Images sourced by Agency shall be royalty-free wherever possible. If Client chooses paid images, Client is responsible for any applicable fees and/or artist recognition (ex: through Agency's preferred vendor, iStock Photo, "Essentials" category images are charged at $10 each. Custom designs such as infographics are considered add-ons outside of this scope. On-site custom photography and/or videography are available as custom projects