1) By purchasing any product or service through www.aveyacreative.com, the recipient of such product(s) or service(s), referred to as “Client,” hereby agrees to the following Terms and Conditions wherein Aveya Creative LLC is referred to as "Agency."

2) In the event that Agency is called upon for any commitments or additional hours outside the previously detailed functions, Agency’s participation shall be billed to Client at the rate of $95.00 per hour (less applicable discounts) or any portion thereof in accordance with Client’s approval before undertaking additional functions.

3) Client is responsible for travel expenses for meetings and/or events outside of specific meetings and/or events that are included in the Scope of Work. The following Travel Rate shall apply: travel time is charged on an hourly basis at 50% of the hourly rate specified in clause 2 above; distance traveled is charged per GSA rate of $0.56 per mile. Miles traveled are calculated per Google Maps from the MD office at 4601 North Park Ave, Chevy Chase, MD, 20815 or from the DC office at 1875 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20009 (whichever address is closer for the Client). For air travel, Client is responsible for payment of flight tickets (TBD per trip per person), overnight hotel stay (up to $250.00 per night plus taxes per person) and food ($50.00 per diem per person) for every Aveya team member requested to travel.

4) In the event that the volume of content for and/or the time allotted for consulting exceed the proposed descriptions in this proposal, the number of hours to complete added project elements shall be presented via addendum(s) for mutual agreement between Agency, Client and Designers.

5) Any and all Images shall be provided by Client and/or sourced by Agency. Images sourced by Agency shall be royalty-free wherever possible. If Client chooses paid images, Client is responsible for applicable fees and/or artist recognition.

6) Content created by Agency pursuant to this Agreement may be used by Client in all fifty states and outside the United States without additional compensation, provided that Client shall be responsible for any additional expenses associated with such use, such as charges for reiterations of design and/or copy, reformatting, translation, etc.

7) Creative content (i.e. logo design, copywriting, etc.) produced specifically for Client shall remain intellectual property of Client. Agency shall never be responsible for any trademark/registration procedures or fees or any other measures of protection of such content.

8) Changes to creative content shall be treated as independent projects following the completion of the projects detailed in this proposal. Creative content includes but is not limited to: logo design, brand name, slogan, color scheme, graphic design elements for print or online use.

9) Client agrees to provide any passwords to online platforms and online tools necessary for Agency to perform the functions outlined above in order for work to begin. Any new passwords created by Agency for existing or new platforms or online tools shall be provided to Client. Online platforms include but are not limited to: social media platforms, e-commerce platforms, website CMS.

10) Discussion of information related to business, products, applications, design, systems, components, technologies, marketing strategies, and other sensitive information is considered confidential and proprietary.

11) Agency may feature visual and verbal description of the project at aveyacreative.com.

12) In the event that Client or Agency must cancel any portion of the agreed services, a minimum of one business day notice shall be provided in written form to Mariya Bouraima at mariya@aveyacreative.com. Client is responsible for payment of services already undertaken up to that point.

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