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Thought leadership is crucial for brand awareness, especially coming from brilliant startup founders like yourself. However, not everyone is an English major; even if you are, you probably don't have time to lead the world's next unicorn co and jot down all of your thoughts in perfectly flowing phrases for publication. We can tailor writing to a variety of styles: formal reports, casual blogs, guest entries at top magazines, speeches at conferences, talks at industry events, etc.

 Ghostwriting with us includes:    

- 1 hour journalistic interview for content  
- Composition and proofreading by Agency  
- Collaborative editing with Client via shared doc
- Pricing is for posts ranging from 400 to 800 words, such as articles; longer deliverables such as speeches and reports are best quoted via custom proposal
- Final* delivery as text or .pdf

*Images are not included but we're happy to add a custom quote for on-site photography or stock photo management

Please note: If you choose a multi-post pack for lower bundle pricing, all of them must be used within one year of purchase.

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