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The team at Aveya Creative propelled our brand to unprecedented heights.
— Sian L., COO, Zuriworks


Logo + Tagline + Flash Pitch + One-pager = $2000

Logo + Tagline + Flash Pitch + One-pager = $2000

Go-to-Market Strategic Plan + Pitch Presentation  = $2500

Go-to-Market Strategic Plan + Pitch Presentation = $2500

Optimized Site Copy + Press Release Distribution  = $2250

Optimized Site Copy + Press Release Distribution = $2250

Social Media Engagement Training  = $950

Social Media Engagement Training = $950

|   A LA CARTE   |

Logo + Tagline = Promise
Whether your brand is just coming into the world or you'd like to revamp your brand's look and feel, we'll make it stand out from the crowd. A tagline explains what you do and the solution your brand promises to the consumer. We'll keep it simple and sincere to be sure your message is understood instantly. 
$950 per project + up

You'll go far with a plan.
Strategic planning is important throughout the life of your brand. We work together to establish a flexible marketing plan for the months and years to come for your brand to be easily recognized and top-of-mind, popping up where and when target audiences want it most. We do crowdfunding campaign strategy too!
$950 per plan + up

Don't judge a book by its cover? Au contraire!
These days, it's all about how you look. Is your brand ready for the spotlight? Any design you can imagine (or better yet, let's imagine it together!) we can visualize for web and print use.
$510 per project + up

Consistent messaging online and offline is essential.
Eloquent websites and print materials are not easy to come by. Let us craft the perfect message: you tell us about your brand and we make it come to life in words on screen and paper. We apply search engine optimization expertise to each phrase we compose for online presence, making sure that customers can easily find you.
$380 per page + up

Tell your story in seconds or be forgotten.
Investors are hard to impress; they want immediate proof of how your idea is profitable. Consumers' dwindling attention span is down to mere seconds. We'll help you make your mark instantly.
$190 per session + up

Journalists want only the best stories; let's not waste their time.  
A single feature may just be a blip on the radar, but get enough blips out there and your brand will be top of mind everywhere. Together we can target the ideal media contacts for your concept to be headlining major news sources. We use PRWeb exclusively and provide comprehensive performance reports for every release.
$550 per release

Engagement leads to loyalty.
Social media didn't exist a decade ago, yet now it's a quintessential part of marketing. Your most loyal fans will propel the brand to new heights. We help you harness its power through engaging postings, tweets and pins to get your message across in the most cost-effective ways. You'll especially love our tailor-made ROI reports that show how strategic social media activity increases revenue.
$475 per week + up 

A wonderful job helping determine the best approaches for growing our Facebook reach, improving our Twitter campaign, and increasing customer interactions on our social media platforms. Fabulous!
— Rahama W., Founder, Shea Yeleen